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Expand your knowing through Becoming The Medicine.

How can we keep sacred knowledge alive?

Jannette McCullough Registered Nurse Shamanic Practitioner

Jeannette McCullough Registered Nurse
Shamanic Practitioner

How can we "know" the old ways? Shamanic practices remain with us after more than 40, 000 years because they continue to satisfy our need for an experience of the sacred, just as they continue to offer us successful approaches to health and healing.

Shamanic healing can contribute to greater wholeness and fuller functioning on all levels of being, and in a wide variety of situations. Shamanism is not an exclusively Eastern or Western tradition. It is simply our common human tradition; it is where we all come from. Core perceptions and practices exist historically and cross-culturally. Groups of people separated by tens of thousands of miles, and spanning many different epochs exhibit similar, and often, identical healing methods.

Since 1998......My approaches include soul retrieval, drum doctoring, extraction, psychopomp work, power retrieval, song doctoring and more......

In circle I offer shamanic journeying, and an initiation into BECOMING THE MEDICINE based on Sandra Ingerman's Medicine For The Earth Work   

Other full days of circle work include Your Health: An Exploration Of Your Health From A Spiritual Perspective, Dancing With The Archetypes: A Shamanic Excursion, Earth My Body, Water My Blood, Air My Breath And Fire My Spirit: For Those Who Wish To Journey Deeper Into The Mystery Of Our Interbeing and more......

I offer Drum Doctoring, otherwise known as the Sound and Healing of an Inspirited Drum

Ongoing gatherings of the Medicine For The Earth Work are scheduled monthly. We are entering our 12th year of meeting and journeying in community on behalf of all of life.

An ongoing journeying circle for the community meets monthly. We are entering our 9th year.

I also offer presentations, "Shamanism: A Worldview, Approaches To Healing Ourselves and the Environment."

All of my work can be arranged at a location of your choice with a group of your choice.

Regarding one-to-one shamanic approaches to healing, to learn journeying or to discuss arranging an experiential gathering, you're welcome to contact me at 416 686 2297 or You can also use my Contact Form to quickly send an email.